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Fire and Ice Bengals
Sick kitten

Sells sick cats and then pretends she never even spoke with you!! I purchased a kitten from her when she arrived I spent over $1000 getting her well. This kitten had chlamydia in her eyes and lungs, bordetella and possibly other respiratory infections. She had ear mites and stank like a barn. She ...

Vonvictrix frenchies
Bad business

This breeder sold me a fatally ill puppy that died within 9days after a week in emergency care and thousands of dollars. I was offered no reimbursement whatsoever, not even an apology. The only response I recieved when contacting the breeder was "I'm not a people person, you can't prove it was ...

West Jet

My experience with west jet was awfull!!! Never again, Air Canada is way better. The crew aboard was really aggresive and disrespectfull with me I had a dog with me aboard, the stewardess was on my case for 5h straight, i figured she wasnt really friendly with dogs. The service received by her was ...